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Secrets Of Salah – 39


Page 43..

In other words, establish salat to gain repose from the exhausting distractions of dunya, just as the exhausted traveler finds rest once he reaches his destination and returns to his home and personal haven.


And notice the words are ‘the comfort of salaat’ (Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam felt fatigued by the worldly labor, he would simply say: “O Bilal bring us the comfort of Salat”…), and he did not say comfort us from it, for such would be the words of one who finds salat a burden, and he is in a state of torture as long as he is praying, and once he leaves it, he finds relief. And this is because his heart is so full of other than Allah. And salat cuts him off from his pursuits and his beloved worldly desires. So he is in agony as long as he is praying. And this is obvious because his heart is full of other than Allah, and he does not find peace in it. And since he knows that he has to pray, (like a necessary burden) and performs the bare minimum uttering with his tongue what is not in his heart, and he thinks to himself, “let us pray and be relieved of the burden of salat…” So this is a person who falls in a totally different category.

To be continued…


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