Light Up Your Life With Islam

Secrets Of Salah – 37


Page 41..

Now two matters remain regarding the slave.

Allah’s commands regarding his state, outwardly and inwardly and the enjoining of devotion. Firstly, by submission to what Allah has destined for him (the reference is to al hukm ut takweeni), and secondly, deeds that the slave performs as worship for his Lord (the reference is to al hukm ut tashreeiee).

And both matters demand surrender of the spirit to Allah, and the word Islam has been derived from the word taslim (surrender).

When he submits to his Lord’s decree, both takweeni and tashreeiee, by upholding the rights of devotion, and restraining his desires or lusts, he is called a Muslim.

When his heart finds peace in the remembrance of Allah, the speech of Allah, and in His Love, he then attains serenity in (worshipping) Allah, and draws near to Allah and he achieves his heart’s delight and he gains utmost felicity by Allah’s Grace.  He is in Allah’s Protection because of his faith, and it is essential that he fulfill both matters, for without them he has neither spiritual life, success, nor felicity.

To be continued…



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