Light Up Your Life With Islam

Secrets Of Salah – 35


Page 39..

When he does qiyam, his focus must be on Allah’s Glory, so he turns neither left nor right. When he utters takbeer, his focus must be on Allah’s Might and Majesty, and during the opening, his focus must be on praising Allah’s Qualities and Perfection. When he seeks refuge in Allah from Satan, his focus is on Allah’s strength and the reliance that Allah alone can protect him from his foe. When he recites the Quran, his focus must be reflecting on the Divine Speech as though he could see Allah. Some scholars say: “Allah has manifested Himself to His slaves in His speech.”

People have varying degrees and tastes. Among them is the one who sees with both eyes, the one-eyed, the blind and deaf and the bleary-eyed during his recitation and salat (these are the spiritual levels). And during recitation he must focus on Allah’s Being, His Qualities, Commands, Prohibitions, His deeds, His Laws and His names. When he goes into ruku he must focus on Allah’s Grandeur and His Majesty. This is why he utters reverently, ‘Transcendent is my Majestic Lord.’

Then when he lifts his head from ruku, he must concentrate on the praise of his Lord, and that He alone has power to bestow or deprive.

When he does sajdah, his focus must be on drawing close to Allah and utterly abasing himself before Him, and expressing his complete need and poverty before Allah.

To be continued…



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