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Secrets Of Salah – 34


Page 38..

Know that the secret of salat, its soul, its essence and its core is the slave’s outpouring of adoration and devotion to Allah. Just as it is not allowed for him to physically face a direction other than the Qiblah, in the same way it is not permitted that his heart should focus on anyone other than Allah. He should make the Ka’aba, Allah’s House, the Qiblah of his face and body, and the Lord of the Ka’aba, the Qiblah of his heart and soul.

Allah’s turning towards the slave is commensurate with the slave’s turning towards Allah. If he turns aside, Allah will also turn aside from him. As he deals, so shall he be dealt with.

Devotion in Salat has three degrees:

  1. The slave’s devotion to Allah, within his heart, which protects him and purges him of desires and satanic whisperings and distracted thoughts which would nullify the rewards of his salat.
  2. The slave’s overwhelming awareness of Allah, so he worships Allah as though he can see Him.
  3. The slave’s understanding of Allah’s speech and the slave hood of salaat, so that he fulfills its right of reverence and devotion.

Only by attaining all three degrees, does he truly establish salat, and Allah’s turning towards him is commensurate with that.

To be continued…



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