Light Up Your Life With Islam

Secrets Of Salah – 30


Page 34..

The True monarch is Allah, everything will perish save His face. Thus, He is most deserving of being saluted and praised. Allah is the Supreme King, Master of all. He is The Monarch, so each greeting with which any worldly king is greeted by way of prostration, or commendation of a long life, it belongs to Allah in reality.

For example, kings are commonly greeted with : ‘May Allah prolong your life, and may you live forever’. Allah is eternal, and such salutations only befit Allah who is Eternal and Ever-Lasting, and every king other than Him will die and every kingdom other than His will perish.

Then the slave mentions the words ‘All prayers’, and all prayers must be directed only to Allah. Thus, greetings belong to Him by virtue of His kingship, and all prayers must be performed for Him, as an expression of devotion and slave hood. So all greetings belong to Allah and prayers are fitting only for Him.

The next words mentioned are, ‘Allah pure things’, and this encompasses two matters: Divine qualities and Dominion.

As for the Divine qualities, He is pure, His speech is Pure, His actions are Pure, only purity emanates from Him and only purity can be attributed to Him, and only pure speech and deeds ascent towards Him. So all pure deeds and words belong to Him, and everything that is attributed to Him is pure: His books, His prophets, His Spirit… His paradise is the home of the pure. So they are all pure.

To be continued…



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