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Secrets Of Salah – 29


Page 32..

Ibn Umar was performing tawaaf when a man proposed for his daughter. Ibn Umar did not answer him, but after he had completed his tawaaf he said: “How could you speak of a worldly matter, while we were beholding Allah Almighty during our tawaaf?” It is for this reason, and Allah knows best, that the ruku has been placed before the sajdah, for the ruku builds up to the grandeur of sajdah.

Sajdah is repeated twice, both the action and the words because it is food of the ruh, the soul, and there can be no life for the soul without it. Thus, its repetition is rather like a man eating one morsel after another until he is satiated, and to drink one gulp after another until his thirst is quenched. Imagine if a hungry man had eaten only one mouthful and the food were to be taken away from him; of what avail would that one morsel be? He would probably experience sharper pangs of hunger than before. This is why many scholars have said: “The example of one who prays and does not find peace in his salaat is like the hungry man, before whom food was presented, but he ate only one or two bites. How would that help him?”

Another purpose of repeating the sajdah, with its words of adoration and the station of nearness to Allah, is by way of gratitude for the first, to experience an enrichment or upsurge of Imaan and deep understanding of Allah, to strengthen the heart and to expand the breast and purify it thoroughly and absolutely, like washing a dirty cloth again and again.

This is Allah’s wisdom, with which He has dazzled human intelligence, and it shows the perfection of His Mercy and Tenderness which no knowledge can ever grasp fully.

To be continued…




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