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Secrets Of Salah – 26


Page 30..

The peak of salat is sajdah, and the supreme litany of salat is the Quranic recitation therein. The first surah ever to be revealed was surah Al-Alaq which began with a command to recite: Recite in the Name of Your Lord (96:1) and it culminated in a command to do sajdah. So prostrate and draw near (96:19).


Then he is told to raise his head and sit up. This interval is cushioned between two sajdahs and has a special significance, all its own. The prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa salam) used to prolong the duration between the two sajdahs, making it as long as the sajdah itself, and humbly implore his Lord, and invoke Him, and seek His forgiveness, and ask for His Mercy, Guidance, Rizq, and Well-being. It has a unique sweetness, and the heart’s state is different from that during sajdah. During this posture the slave is as one who kneels before his Lord, one who has utterly cast himself on the Divine Mercy, begging forgiveness for his sins, hoping for mercy, seeking Divine help against his ever-tempting soul. The prophet (sallahu alayhi wasalaam) used to repeat Istighfar in this time saying: “My Lord forgive me, my Lord forgive me, my Lord forgive me”, and he would emphasize his yearning for his Lord.

To be continued…




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