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Secrets Of Salah – 23


Page 26..

We have been told to read “Ameen” at the end of this dua with hope in its acceptance and seeking its fulfillment and realization. This is one reason why the Jews feel such envy when they hear the Muslims reading it aloud.

Then we raise both hands for the ruku to exalt Allah’s command, and beautify salaat as a special act of worship for the hands like the worship of the other limbs, and following the sunnah of the prophet (sallahu alayhi wa salaam). So it is the adornment of salaat, and its beauty and reverence for its rites.

Shariah has ordained takbeer as we move from one stage of salaat to another, like Talbiyah in the different stages of Hajj. It is the symbol of salaat just as Talbiyah is the symbol of Hajj, so that the slave may know that the secret of salaat is the Reverence of Allah and Glorifying Him by worshipping Him alone.

Then shariah decrees that the slave should bow down before the majesty of his Lord, in utmost abasement and humility before His Might and Glory. The mode of praise that the slave manifests for his Lord in this stage, is that his spine curves, his head bows before Allah, and his back bends as he reverently glorifies Allah with conviction and awe. Thus, ruku is a combination of humility of the heart, body, and speech, and this particular stage signifies utter abasement, reverence and remembrance. It emphasizes the difference between the true reverence owing to Allah and the reverence people show one another. For humility is the hallmark of the true slave, and Majesty is the true quality of Allah.

To be continued…




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  1. These tips are so true


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