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Secrets Of Salah – 22


Page 25..

Then He explains that the way of the people of guidance is drastically different from the people who have incurred Allah’s anger and the people of error, namely the Jews, Christians and others like them. Thus creation is divided into three categories regarding the guidance:

-Those who are blessed by gaining guidance and remaining steadfast upon it.

-Those who are misguided are those who were not given this guidance, or tawfeeq(ability to obey).

-Those who incurred Allah’s anger are those who recognized the guidance but were not given the tawfeeq for obedience.

As for the misguided one, he is confused, (debarred from guidance) and is unlikely to find the way. The one who incurred Allah’s anger is the one who has willfully turned away, despite recognition and knowledge. Thus, the first category is the one who steadfastly upholds guidance, and adheres to the truth in knowledge, deeds and creed. The misguided is the exact opposite, having neither true knowledge nor obedience. The one who has incurred Allah’s anger is the evil one who possesses true knowledge but does not obey. And Allah alone gives the tawfeeq to obey.

To be continued…




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