Light Up Your Life With Islam

Secrets Of Salah – 20


Page 23..

So when he says,

You alone do we worship and You alone do we ask for help (1:4)

He awaits Allah’s reply,

“This is between Me and My slave, and My slave shall have what he asks for.”

And just contemplate these two phrases and their rights. The first part is for Allah, and the second part is for the slave. For the phrase, You alone do we worship, conveys a sense of Touheed, distinct from the implications of the phrase You alone do we ask for help. There is deep significance in both phrases being in the exact middle of the surah, between the opening phrases of praise and the concluding dua. The phrase, You alone do we worship, precedes the phrase, You alone do we ask for help, because ibadah belongs to Allah and it is for the slave to seek help from Allah. Allah is the One who is worshipped and Who helps His slave to worship Him.

So, “You alone do we worship”, means that it is You, I seek by means of my worship. Ibadaah consists of sincere good deeds and beneficial knowledge which brings one closer to Allah by enriching one in his understanding, love, truth and sincerity. Ibadah is the right of Allah upon His creation, and seeking help implies the slave is seeking Allah’s help in all matters. Thus, every act of worship that is not performed for Allah’s sake, and without Allah’s help is false and worthless. Every time help is sought from other than Allah, the slave subjects himself to utter humiliation. Just consider how beneficial this knowledge is, and just consider how the entire Quran from its beginning till the end, revolves around these two phrases.

To be continued…




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