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Secrets Of Salah – 18


Page 21..

The Most Gracious, The repeatedly Merciful (1:2), and the devotion of these words comprises a testimony to the Rububiyyah of Allah alone; just as He is the Solicitous Lord of the Cosmos, The creator, The Provider, and The One who regulates their affairs, The One who brought all creation into existence, and The One who enriches them. So He alone is their God, their Deity, their Sanctuary, and their Refuge in times of distress and vicissitudes, and they have no Lord save He, and no God save He.

These words also have a special connotation of devotion and slave hood. It is the slave’s testimony regarding his Lord’s mercy, and His mercy enfolds all of creation, and every creature in existence has his particular share of the Divine Mercy. A special manifestation of Allah’s mercy is in the slave actually standing before his Lord. It says in some narrations that Gibriel (AS) says every night, “Arise, so and so, and sleep so and so.” So, by His mercy upon the slave, Allah made him stand at His service; whispering to Him, invoking His mercy and love, asking Him for His guidance and mercy, and beseeching Allah for all worldly and spiritual blessings. This is a manifestation of Allah’s mercy upon His slave. His mercy encompasses all things, just as His praise and Knowledge encompass all things.

O our Lord you encompass all things in mercy and knowledge (40:7).

The lesson inherent in the words, Master of The Day of Judgment (1:3), is that the slave must acquire humility, and he must be just towards all, and always uphold justice, and always restrain himself from oppression and disobedience. He should reflect upon his preparations for the Last Day, and how sovereignty and power on that day will belong solely to Allah; this will be a Day when He will requite creation for their good and evil deeds, and this invokes praise for Allah.

To be continued…




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