Light Up Your Life With Islam

Secrets Of Salah – 5


Page 5..

People are divided into three categories:

  1. One who uses his limbs for the purpose for which they were created; this is the one who traded with Allah to utmost advantage, and he sold his soul to Allah for maximum profit. Salat was devised to dedicate man’s body to worship, thus obeying the dictates of his heart and his natural instincts. This is a man who has recognized the blessings of Allah, the spiritual and physical faculties that he was endowed with, and all the favors bestowed upon him. Thus, he upheld the duties of slave hood, inwardly and outwardly, used his limbs in Allah’s obedience, and protected his soul and his body from what would anger his Lord and deprive him of His nearness.
  2. One who uses his limbs for other than the purpose for which they were created. He employs them in sin and disobedience. Such is one whose efforts are wasted, his trade has failed, and he has lost the pleasure of His Lord and His bounties. Instead he has earned Allah’s anger, and his punishment will be most painful.
  3. One who wastes his physical faculties and deadens them by idleness and ignorance. He is a greater loser and an even a bigger failure than the second category. For man has been created for worship and obedience, and not for idleness.

To be continued…


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