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Secrets Of Salah – 1


Salat is the coolness of the heart of true lovers of Allah, the soul’s ecstasy of true believers, the garden of worshippers, the heart’s delight of devout believers, the touchstone of the states of the truthful and the gauge of the followers of the spiritual path. And this is Allah’s Mercy and Guidance for His believing slaves.

Allah guided them to it through His prophet Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wasalam), the Truthful, the Trustworthy, as a great honor and mercy, so they may attain dignity and success by drawing near to Him, and not because of any need He has for their worship. Rather, it is a special bounty from Him and a favor He confers upon them, whereby their hearts and limbs can devote themselves to the worship of Allah. The heart which is illuminated with the knowledge of Allah derives the greatest benefit from salat, namely, drawing close to Allah and experiencing the incredible sweetness of His nearness and love. It experiences the delight of standing before Him, bowing before Him, till the glorious climax of salat, when the slave falls to the ground in the posture which pleases his Lord; thus fulfilling the rights of worship both outwardly and inwardly.

To be continued…


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