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One Wrong Turn!


About a week ago I had to go to a meeting in the next city. As we started off, I was naturally happy. I had the address all clear in my mobile phone and no worries. But when we got off the main highway, we didn’t know where to go. We moved on and went on getting more confused every passing minute. Finally, we hit on a dead end! We turned back and kept going wrong. And then we came to know that in the beginning we turned left instead of right. So that was the problem!

That could be a serious problem: One wrong turn!

Sometimes in life we take one little wrong turn and get lost and confused. And I was thinking what if we are never able to turn back? We don’t even realize at that time that we had gone wrong at that point? And what would be the consequences then? Hell-fire forever? Can we even think about it for a micro-second? No! Not me! Then what should be done?

Since we’re weak (Al-Quran 4:28) and need support to stay on the right track so we can ask Allah for help. Keep making du’aa for guidance toward the right path and keep repenting in case we’ve gone astray and don’t even know. InshaaAllah!
And He helps, He really does!

Hajrah. :)


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