Light Up Your Life With Islam


In Al-Fatiha, we gained recognition of our Lord and asked Him to show us and make us follow the right path.
And Allah gave us the Quran and we started the second surah (chapter) Al-Baqarah. In the very beginning of Al-Baqarah Allah says “This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for al-muttaqeen (those conscious of Allah)”. Al-muttaqeen = those who have taqwa.

We asked Allah for guidance and He gave the Quran and called it a guidance for the muttaqeen, those who have taqwa.
What did we learn about taqwa? Taqwa is ‘saving/protecting oneself’.

Where is taqwa present? Nabi S.A.W said ‘At-taqwa haahuna’ (He pointed towards His heart and said taqwa is here). So a heart with taqwa is awake! It does not sleep. Because it will be able to save/protect itself only when it is awake. It cannot sleep due to fear of the Hereafter. There are two reasons of sleeplessness: Love or fear. A heart with taqwa has both these qualities.

So how does taqwa help in saving/protecting? It saves with the help of both these qualities.
When a heart is full of Allah’s love, it just has to obey Him. To work and struggle for Him. It does not rest, it wants that everyone, every heart should be filled with that love. It strives for it. Due to that love it stays away from those things that Allah does not like and tries to do those things which Allah likes. And thus helps in saving itself from the hell fire and Allah’s ultimate displeasure.
When a heart is full of fear of Allah, it can’t rest. It sees the hell fire as if it is in front of it. (Hell fire = Allah’s displeasure). It refrains from those things that Allah dislikes and tries to do those things that He likes because it knows that it cannot afford to displease Him. And so this fear helps in saving itself from the hell fire and Allah’s ultimate displeasure.

Coming back to the point that Quran is a guidance for those who have taqwa. Those who try to save themselves with the help of Allah’s love and His fear. This love and fear can only generate action when one recognizes Allah. And that recognition was gained in Al-Fatiha. Only true recognition will bring out action based on true love and true fear. And then the heart will grow in good conduct and good actions and good speech etc.

So for guidance, relationship with Allah is most important. These people who have strong relationship with Allah are called Rabbaani (those belonging to Rabb). And that relationship can be seen in the establishing of Salah (prayer). For a Rabbaani the prayer no longer remains a burden, rather it is a pleasure. And then they spend on others cheerfully, they do not expect gratitude from people in return because they belong to the Rabb and they are doing it for Him. They believe on whatever has been revealed on Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam (Quran + Hadith, sunnah) and whatever was revealed by Allah before Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

And about the Hereafter they are certain. Hereafter is included in the unseen, why is it mentioned again? For emphasis. The word used here is from Yaqeen and yaqeen is the highest level of belief/acceptance. We all believe in the Hereafter but are we also certain about it? (Think!) Certainty/yaqeen would bring out the best of namaz and it would be doing deeds as if heaven and hell are staring in the face. So go through the Quran trying to gain ‘yaqeen’.

Such people (who have yaqeen) are given glad tidings in this world that you have come upon guidance, the guidance that you asked for and if you remain steadfast on this guided path then you will one day be successful (ultimately).


• Gain recognition of Rabb through Al-Fatiha
• Ask Allah for true guidance
• Be sure of this Book being free from doubt
• Inculcate love + fear of Allah
• Watch out what is in your heart and try to clean it
• Keep a check on your namaz + whatever you spend on others
• Be certain of the Hereafter
• Seek the ultimate success
• Work out ways for yourself that may help you on this journey of success

P.S. If you’ll be regular in the Quran classes and ponder a little on the lesson after every class, all these abovementioned things will become easy for you slowly and you wouldn’t even know it. iA. :)



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