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Some highlights of the Wednesday Halaqa session of Shifa Student Society (2)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011.

Talk by Dr. Waqas Ahmad.

There is this boy who comes to the masjid and he prays such that he does not know what he is reciting in his prayer. He yawns continuously during his salaa and looks bored. He is there, but, he is not there. He did not remember Allah in his salaa, what would Allah do with his prayer?

But when he goes back from the masjid, he is satisfied and happy…..because he, at least, went to the masjid. His friends didn’t even go there!! Isn’t this a sign of the end of time? (“What would Allah do with his namaz?” Isn’t this scary?)

We need to lift ourselves higher than these things. We need to keep the akhira in front of us to keep ourselves straight. We don’t have to compare ourselves with those who are not praying. You have to keep enjoining good and forbidding evil even when nobody pays much attention BUT more important than that is to first make an effort to protect your own self from being caught up in that fitna, especially when others around you are providing it in abundance. (Think of ways to protect ourselves from fitnas around us and comment please).



Dr. Waqas gave the answer about music from a journal: “seasons”. It’s by Dr. Louis Lamya Al-farouqi, who was the founder of IIIT (International Institute of Islamic Thought). She and her husband were assassinated and their institute was shut down due to certain alleged charges on it. That detail about music by Dr. Louis is almost the same as that given in a book by Imam Ghazali.

Some kinds of sama’a (melody or tune) are good. E.g. Reciting the Quran in your best tone, reciting good poetry, doing talbeah,doing madh (of Allah or Nabi saw), singing in the battle field with a good purpose, leading a caravan etc.

Music that involves instruments is problematic or not permissible.

While the form of music that is totally haram is that which generates sensuality or lust. When you’re not even allowed to look at a non-mehram a second time, how can you be allowed to listen and imagine things about a non-mehram? It’s insane even logically.


Hajrah. :)


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