Light Up Your Life With Islam

Revive Yourself!

This was written in the early hours of morning (after Fajr) sitting under the sky!

Have you ever felt that you have just experienced a momentous moment some minutes ago? That you were half dead and have just been revived? Yes? Yes! One of those moments just passed by me a few minutes ago. What do you call it, a transformation? Or simply an epoch?

Let’s see…
The sky let go of its black night clothes and donned grayish blue ones with silver light. The light pink scarf has now been replaced by a light dappled lemon one.
The greenness is greener than at any other time of the day. The leaves seem as if they have just washed their faces with fresh water and let the water air-dry so now they are all cool and rosy skinned.
The mud, the earth is a brown so natural and inviting that I half feel lying down on it and absorbing its humble coolness and nature and I’m sure that would shed my burdens and make my shoulders free at least until the time I lie down there with closed eyes. Yes, dear earth! You are so motherly and it’s true after all. I am made from you. You remind me of my origin and thus I feel pure as a baby and free of artificialities when I sense you.
But how scared I am to go inside you forever and ever. I hope when I make you my permanent abode, you’ll give me a comfy bed, lullaby and pat me to sleep lovingly instead of biting or frightening me. And I’d certainly be afraid of the dark, please light up for me? Ah! I know, you’ll say you have no light and I’ll have to bring my own and my comfy bed as well, and I’ll have to clean the place of nasty and intimidating things myself. True that! I know you’re speaking but the truth. And yes! It will be my good deeds, my kind acts, my good speech and my humble prostrations that will earn me my valuable everlasting property. Yes! They should be my target. May you be rewarded for this reminder. You are just like my mum. Always reminding me of good.
Ah! And you birds. Your chirping in varieties of low, high, toneless, rhyme-y, long, short, shrill, happy make me feel I’m not alone at this time of recognition. You take away my loneness and provide a companionship deeply cherished with songs of Allah’s praise in your sweet voices. Isn’t it an honor to have such companions? Word!
And who’s the unseen queen? Yes you dear cool cool breeze. You rule with all your might while obeying and singing praise of my Lord. Your gushes make the clouds move and let the sky appear in new patterned beauties every moment, never repeating the style. You make the leaves laugh and flap, the birds float-y and confident.
And when you touch my burning dead skin, it cools as if a bucket of cold water were thrown upon it. My body is enveloped with a freshness and coolness so delightful and reviving that it is not to be explained. You cool my eyes, yes! You cool my eyes.
The above mentioned broken thoughts, part description part address are feelings about Allah’s creation and the beauty of morning which is Allah’s gift.

O Allah! Do they not see this? How can they still deny? My Lord! All praise is unto You, You are the greatest, the supreme. You made all this and it seems like a miracle. It points to Your greatness, O Allah! With that greatness comes Your great mercy, grant me that, it is much needed and forgive me. O Allah! Forgive me. O Allah! Forgive me. O Allah! Forgive me please.
P.S. A sincere tip: Offer Fajr prayers, go outdoors, sit under the sky and recite the Quran. Ponder on the verses of the Quran and the nature around you. They will be in perfect harmony! Incredible feel!
Wassalam. :)

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