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Learning from nature



This was actually written as a comment during the dawrae Quran 2010 of Ramadhan. It really was a revival…

Assalam o Alaikum !

For some days I was concerned about my environment and the people around me that there is no one who would be keen on good deeds during Ramadhan, who would motivate ME rather than would pull me down instead, in my eman. And I was constantly coming across hindrances.

But yesterday, I went outdoors to act upon Surah Ar-Room, Ayah 24 which says “Indeed in that are signs for a people who use reason”, and I realized that I had been living in a state of unawareness all along, everything gave me a message and I found this true that there are loads of teachers for us in nature.

1. The trees stand upright, do not waver or slacken even for a moment, which gave me the lesson that I should be dedicated and steadfast in my deen and good deeds.

2. The birds chirp continuously, which gave me the lesson that I should do dhikr all day long.

3. The grass looks so pretty and beautifies everything with its green bloom but for that it has to remain close to the ground, which gave me the lesson that if I want my surroundings to be beautiful I need to be humble.

4. The sun comes and goes right on time, which gave me the lesson that I should be punctual in my prayers.

5. The sun rises with a low glint and becomes high gradually and finally shines with its full might, which gave me the lesson that if I want to be a source of guidance and light, it will be a gradual process attained through hard-work.

6. The air is there all the time and we cannot live without it but we cannot see it either, which gave me the lesson that I need to help mankind all the time but such that I should not make myself apparent.

7. The leaves on the trees are numerous and uncountable yet Allah watches and knows each one, which gave me the lesson that Allah watches each one of my thoughts all together.

8. Every leaf and twig works in harmony, they do not interfere with each other, which gave me the lesson that I need to be concerned about my own duties, first of all.

9. Everything is showing gratefulness to Allah SWT by acting upon His orders which brought me to Surah Luqman, Ayah 12, if I’m grateful I’m grateful for myself.

10. In short I realized that Allah’s vast universe obeys Him day and night, all the year, without even a break, they are definitely a source of motivation for me, who am I? Just a little particle, a minute part of it, how can I show arrogance and disobedience? He does not need my ibadah, everything is prostrating before Him. I need obedience and submission for my own self. I need to work untiringly. What am I waiting for???


Hajrah. :)


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