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Benefits of Silence



This was actually written as a comment during the dawrae Quran 2010 of Ramadhan. It really was a revival…

Assalam o Alaikum!

When we went through Surah Al-Ahzaab, verse 41-43, we discussed that the only way to do dhikr most of the time is to avoid laghw.

I want to share my personal experience regarding this. Once when I read an ayah about how the angels write every word we say, I was really moved and I decided to watch my words and think 10 times before I say something that whether NOT saying it would make any difference, and I noticed that I stayed quiet the whole day after this thought. Because whenever I was about to say something I said to myself: If I do not say this, will it really be a loss? and I realized that most of the time its not a loss, its something unimportant which seems extremely important to us at that particular moment.

What I really want to say is, that the benefits I gained due to this were unimaginable:

  • I finished my jobs in half the time.
  • Nobody was hurt by me.
  • I was not hurt by anyone and consequently I saved a lot of time usually spent on pondering about why he/she said this.
  • It became effortless for me to think good about everyone around me.
  • When I had to keep quiet I automatically started doing dhikr.
  • My prayers were suddenly full of khushoo, which I had never expected.
  • I got more opportunities to do good deeds, which was unbelievable.
  • It became easier for me to avoid wrong deeds.
  • Because of all this a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquility filled my heart and I started feeling closer to my Rabb. And all this happened in just one day.

If someone else would have told me all this, I may never have believed them but since I experienced all this myself, I want to say that please try this at least once and see the results for  yourself. You will never be disappointed. And anyhow, this should be good enough for us that Allah SWT does not approve of laghw.

Jazakumullah u khairan.


Hajrah. :)


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